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[CreatorDragon] ??Shark Puppy Dragon!??

                                                             Shark Puppy Dragon!

                                                                            Element(s): Dream, Water

A lonely egg that was taken cared of by sharks on the deep sea. One day, a bright and warm star fell from the night sky and sinked into the cold waters..landing in front of the little egg. The sharks surrounding it saw the commotion and immediately rushed to see if the egg was harmed. Quite the contrary, the lonely egg that came in contact with the bright and warm star was better than ever, it’s color shifted from a sad grey to a bright purple and it’s new shine started to attract other sea life. One more colorful than the other, they all came to admire this beautiful egg. And as the rumors say, being so full of love and recognition that it never had before made the egg had one last change, a big heart shape formed in the middle!

(Credits to a friend of mine for it’s backstory! <3)












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