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[Creator Dragon] Tango Dragon

This is my first entry :D

The Tango Dragon

Specie: Tango Dragon

Element Type: Dream, Earth

Type: Dance Dragon

• Average body type: 1.80~2.0m/190~200kg

•Food: Boiled cornmeal

• Key Spotting: Mostly found in crowded spaces, but spaced out so everyone can see their movements.

•When found: Found all year round, but not at night. Mainly during bright daylight





This egg has footprints all over it.


This egg has been stepped over so many times that looks like dances. Either the hat or flower will vanish once the egg hatches— after all, it defines the gender of the dragon inside of it.

Though, you can feel a strong presence inside it, a strong desire to show to the world something new.



”My! This music is great!”

I’ve discovered the Tango and many other hispanic music. It amazes me! It makes me feel so proud and nationalistic. I’ve been dancing and practicing ever since, along with this bird; he doesn’t have a name but he’s a Zorzal!



”This is complicated, but I won’t give up!”

Right after I mastered dancing, I’ve been practicing day and night my singing. It’s so hard! All these low and elongated notes… but I don’t care! I won’t give up so easily!



It surprises everyone with its presence.

Now with both techniques mastered, now he is a recognized dragon with such a unique talent and presence. 
It’s an incredibly kind and friendly dragon And won’t even doubt it if you asked him for help with whatever.

Though not many dragons talk to him, he tries to make friends and everytime outstand himself against everyone!

Coming from a far away place, and with an opposite gender partner, this couple of dragons are hoping to meet new people and tamers!

They go to the square, boost some music and the magic happens— They spin, kick, dance with such brilliance. There’s multitude of trainers and dragons there, but so little look at him. 


But they don’t give up.


They go to the same spot and dance, dance every day and week. For months.

Until they’ve finally reached what they wanted; fame! 
They‘ve now been known as “The pair who dances weird everyday”. They don’t mind the nickname, in fact, they embrace it. They aren’t scare to show part of the culture from where they originally are.


And so, with their birdly friend, they’ve been in that same spot everytime and met countless of dragons and tamer. Many of them abandoned them due to having a strong accent and the complexity of understanding their words, but the real ones who actually cared stayed. 
And so with that they hope to expand their presence all over Yutakan and the Deep Sea.

Female appearance:



ps. yes those are real tango notes

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