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[Creator dragon] Crystalis dragon

This is my creator dragon!


dracology data:

smallish dragon, a bit bigger then a full grown human. Chonkness varies. (Weight varies)

diet: berries, rocks, And small prey animals.

Element: earth and light.

egg (above): the fur on this egg is silky soft.

hatch (above): its fur is soft, but easily knots. It has a glowing gem on its forehead.

hatchling (above): the gem on its forehead is stronger now. Its fur is softer then ever.

adult (above): Its wings, when spread, are over twice its body length. It has furry cuffs on its legs, with bouncy fur. its fur on its neck and head are easily brushed and this dragon loves being cleaned. Its pride and joy is its gems, which both provide magic power and attract mates. Very rarely one will be pure white with pink fur, known as an albino.




upon upon a time, crystalis dragon had no gems. They were weak creatures, all sad and distraught. Until one day, a little girl found a crystalis dragon egg. She cared for it, and when it hatched, the dragon fell in love with the jewelry the girl had. When the girl gave the dragon a necklace, it infused into the dragons scales and began glowing a bright yellow. The dragon was happier then ever. eventually, an Albino crystalis, descended  from the the girls dragon, found a geode and the stone joined to its head. all the crystal since then have bright stones adorning their bodies, and happy lives.


(featured below: female Albino Crystalis dragon)

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