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[Creator Dragon] Dragon Plush


 weight : 121 grams

food:fruits mostly.


mostly discovered:in a comfortable bed with other plushies and its tamer

egg description:This egg is covered in soft gold fur.It’s made out of soft material,so tamers and other dragons cannot resist it once they discover one. The egg is beloved by many peopl and they often arg over who gets to hug it first.

hatch description:Since hatching from its egg,it has been made of soft,high quality materials and is already loved. Its sparkling horns and small wings on its head are beautiful and it looks perfect in the sunligh as the glitter shines even more.

Hatchling description:It is often mistaken for other animals.Because of its wings on head and round snout and short tail,other dragons and tamers are often confused by its appearanc.But they still find the appearance cute and it is still beloved,even though it confuses them.

adult descriptio:It is a beloved soft plush toy dragon made from the softest,most high quality golden materials. It gets many hugs every day just because of its cute appearance.Sometimes,smaller dragons like to hug it and it gives them a lot of love.The dragon has been beloved by many dragons and tamers ever since the moment it hatched from its egg.4th picture is egg,1st picture is hatch,2nd picture is hatchling and 3rd picture is adult

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