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Creator Dragon - Candyfloss Dragon

Name: Candyfloss dragon

Element Type: Dream and Light


Egg description: This egg is sticky and smells sweet.



Hatchling: Armed with a strong sense of smell, the blind dragon finds its way around the world, searching for the sweet scent he longs for.



Hatch: Still on his search for the sweetest scent, the dragon stops by different places: ice cream shops, bakeries, dessert shops, but none satisfy the scent he longs for.


Adult Story: Though born blind, the Candyfloss Dragon traveled the world in his journey to search for the sweetest scent. People and dragons everywhere offered him the most delectable of desserts, but they were never enough. 


However, one fateful afternoon, the Candyfloss dragon stumbled upon a candy shop. The store owner, wanting to help him, showed him his stock of candies of different shapes, colors, and flavors. But among those, one caught the dragon’s nose: the fluffiest and stickiest of them all.


The Candyfloss Dragon, having found the scent he longed for, was forever grateful to the candy store owner. From then on, he is said to be seen helping around the store of sweets and is known for making the tastiest cotton candy in all the land.


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