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[Creator Dragon]Musifox

Egg:This egg is guarded by a musical aura


Hatch:This hatch loves to sing


Hatchling:i love music


Adult:it is a very energetic dragon,it closely resembles a fox and acts like one,it is timid at first but with a little training you might be able to tame it,its favorite music is pop music so you can let it listen to it.







Pop or Rock!


While musifox was listening to music rock dragon and power dragon interrupted it, they said"what's so cool about pop music? Rock is better!what about we do a singing contest so that we can settle this off!"musifox agreed and tamer was the referee,rock dragon started singing and all that was heard were coughs,when it was time for musifox to sing it sounded like an angel,tamer said it was clear that musifox won. 



Discovery time:found all year around


Mainly found in places with loud noises






Special ability:happy touch


Sing to the dragon to make them happy!


Makes the dragon happy for 18 hrs





Found in:Crystal mine,tomb of ancient dragons
















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