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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


Developer's Note on Future Updates


Hello, Anglers!


It's been over two months since Ace Fishing: Crew launched, and we're thrilled to present our third developer's note to all of you.


We've been diligently reviewing and considering all the feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and comments you've provided through various channels.

In this developer's note, we'd like to briefly share some insights into the direction of future content updates that many of you have been curious about.

* Please note that the information provided here is based on our current development progress and may differ from the final content regarding details and release order.

1. New Competition

We're working on introducing a local competition that differs from the existing ones. In the new competition, you'll compete by earning scores through fishing in specific areas.

We will bring a scoring system where catching various or rarer and larger fish will earn you higher ratings. This allows players of all levels and progressions to enjoy the content.

We're also preparing diverse and differentiated rewards for the competition, so please stay tuned!


2. New Area: The Mediterranean Sea


We understand that some of you have already conquered the Amazon area or are looking for fresh challenges in the game's later stages.

That's why we're adding a new area, the Mediterranean Sea, where you can encounter new fish species and crew members.

We're putting great effort into authentically representing the underwater environment of the Mediterranean Sea, showcasing its unique beauty, and providing exciting fishing experiences.



3. Guild System


We are aware of your interest in playing the game with like-minded players, and, as a result, we're preparing a guild system.

This system will include creating/joining a guild, attendance rewards, and various benefits for playing together.

You can look forward to exciting content that you can enjoy with your fellow guild members.


4. Event Revamp

We're planning improvements to the in-game events that you've experienced.

We're considering changes to certain rules to make earning rewards more engaging and less repetitive.

We're currently considering a way to add excitement to your strategy planning and the thrill of manual control by introducing a ranking system based on the scores you earn through gameplay.

This system will come with additional rewards based on your ranking.

Our goal is to reduce repetition and boredom by minimizing the number of repetitive actions while encouraging you to showcase your skills and compete with other players through the ranking system.

Furthermore, we are concurrently reviewing and planning various content and new systems you suggested.

We are working diligently to accelerate the development of these features so that we can introduce them to you as soon as possible. 

We sincerely appreciate the love and interest you've shown us so far. Please know that we are always here to listen to your feedback and are committed to crafting enjoyable content for you.


Thank you.


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