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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


[Event] Ace Fishing: Crew Official Forum Puzzle Event Notice

Hello, Anglers!

Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


We're back with a new forum event for this week!
Let us introduce the Puzzle event.


1. Event Period
- Nov. 1st 8pm - Nov. 8th 7:59am PDT


2. How to Participate

- Submit the answer in the form below.


Voting has ended.End
1. Choose the correct puzzle piece for the blank space!




3. Rewards and Distribution Schedule
- Regular Fuel x100 will be given to those who choose the right piece.
- Rewards will be distributed on Nov. 5th PST, and the correct answer will be announced on the [Winner Announcement] board.


4. Notes
- The reward will be sent to the game ID linked to the ID used for the community (forum).
- The latest answer will be considered in case of multiple entries in the event.

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