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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


[Event] New Crew Members & Rate Up Draw Event

- 3 new crew members have joined Ace Fishing: Crew to help you clear the Mediterranean Sea area!

- New Mediterranean Sea crew members (Nancy, Jacob, Veronica) will not appear from Crew Member Acquisition Tickets used in the tackle and daily crew member draw. They will appear from rate up draw or normal crew member draw.

- New crew members will be available from Oct. 11th 9pm PDT. The rate up draw of the new crew member "Nancy" will take place from Oct. 11th 9pm to Oct. 25th 9pm PDT.


[Legendary Grade Crew Nancy]

[Crew Story]

A member of the Pamos Marine Environmental Agency.

She is wholeheartedly dedicated to the health of fish and improving water quality.

She engages in marine research, hoping all life coming to Pamos Island will be happy.

[Crew Benefit]

- Playing Expedition and [Violent Galeón] boss event with crew member [Nancy] during the rate up period will grant the following benefits.

- Expedition: Selected as Crew Member of the Month, applying 8% bonus Crew Member of the Month battle power when playing Expedition.

- Event Boss Mode [Violent Galeón]: Selected as Event Crew Member, granting 30% bonus event coins when participating in the event boss mode.

[Heroic Grade Crew Veronica] 

[Crew Story]

The head of the Cheonhae Group security team.

She climbed to security team leader through her connections with the company's management.

However, for her, management positions are nothing more than tiring responsibilities.






[Heroic Grade Crew Jacob]

[Crew Story]

A member of the Cheonhae Group security team.

He is carrying out orders to guard the Cheonhae Group's laboratory.

However, due to the unexpected uninvited guest, he doubts the orders.



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