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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


100-Day Anniversary Event Notice



Hello, Anglers!


Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


Thanks to your love and support, we're celebrating the 100th day since the official launch of Ace Fishing: Crew.


We would like to thank all the players for enjoying Ace Fishing: Crew.

We've prepared special events to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.


Join the events and get various items, including Legendary Crew Member Acquisition Tickets, Legendary Promotion Stones, and Heroic Awakening Stones!


EVENT 1. 100-Day Anniversary Special Check-in Event

1) Period

- Oct. 25th 9pm PDT - Nov. 15th 6:59am PST


2) Details

- Log in to the game daily during the event to receive daily rewards.



3) Note

- Rewards will be given once per account, and any rewards collected will be stored in your Inbox for 7 days.


EVENT 2. 100-Day Anniversary Bingo Event

1) Period

- Oct. 25th 9pm PDT - Nov. 23rd 6:59am PST


2) Details

- Complete daily missions to earn Bingo Tickets (up to 5 times a day). 

- Using Bingo Tickets and completing a bingo line will grant you corresponding rewards.

- You will receive bonus rewards based on the number of Bingo Tickets used.



EVENT 3. 100-Day Anniversary Special Coupon



1) Period

- Oct. 25th 8am PDT - Nov. 30th 6:59am PST


2) How to Use Coupons

- Check your CS Code, and enter the coupon code through the coupon exchange at the link below.

 * You can find the CS Code in the in-game menu → Settings → CS code at the top

 * Web Coupon Exchange Link:


EVENT 4. Hot Time Event

1) Period

- Oct. 25th 9pm PDT - Nov. 9th 6:59am PST


2) Details

- Enjoy the Hot Time effects below 24/7 during the event period!


3) Applied Effects

- Gold acquisition from Local Fishing 100% UP

- Crew member EXP acquisition from Local Fishing 100% UP

- Skill Coin acquisition from Daily Challenge 100% UP

- Dispatch completion reward 100% UP


4) Note

- The Dispatch completion reward 100% UP effect is applied when you collect the rewards.​

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