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[Creator Dragon] Creation Dragon

Hello! This is my first post on here, so please excuse the lack of experience.

Creation Dragon

Average Body Shape: 1.2~1.3m/40~60kg

Favorite Food: Macarons

Main Discovery Area: Wherever it finds inspiration! (Crystal Mine, Rainbow Garden, Forest of Hope)

Time Discovery: All year round, any time of day!

Species: Creation Dragon

Element Type: Dream & Light

Type: Art Dragon

I couldn’t find out how to type under the images, so I do apologize.

Egg - “This Egg seeks inspiration.”

Hatch - “At Hatch, he had discovered a friend, one made of animal meat and bones, but came from the creativity of a Dragon.”

Hatchling - “After discovering the truth of where his friend came from, he had since been looking for more inspiration.”

Adult - “He had become popular as his starry scales shone through the night sky, his art had been distributed all over the world, he made a contraption for his squirrel friend, and he had been proud to come this far.”

Story: Ever since traveling around the world to see art as an egg, the Creativity Dragon always wanted to paint. It was inspired by every and all, creativity from toddlers even inspired it. Little did the little egg know that the very same problem would change that very same day that it yearned for art; the day it hatched. Crawling out of the egg, it became immersed with wonder, leaping onto small trees and bushes without a single thought of mind. It impulsively walked for a while, admiring it's surroundings, when soon it found an enchanting forest surrounded by waterfalls. It was like a small island, lovely and relaxing. The Creativity Dragon rushed toward the tree that blossomed in the middle; an unusual glowing blue cherry blossom tree. It scanned the area, trying to find a place to sit. It discovered, instead, a paint brush. It was so excited to paint, that it grabbed the paintbrush without hesitation. Right after it grabbed the brush, it passed out. When it awoke, the brush was nowhere to be found. It became in despair, now wanting a friend more than anything. Coincidentally, a squirrel appeared right behind it. That was when it found out that the paintbrush became it's tail tip. Ever since, it's best friend has been a squirrel named Kiro, and the creativity of this Creativity Dragon had been adored by the whole world.
Notes: Females have a pastel-like color, their brushes are more curly and their horns are shorter, the squirrel becomes white when female, the stars, moon, and other glowing parts glow at night and sparkle in the day.

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