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[Creator Dragon] Natura

Hello! I am submitting my dragon for the Creator Dragon event :>
I am sorry for any translation errors, my native language is English.




user: Supernovaplayer1
Name of dragon: Natura
Type: Ocean/water dragon
Body size: 4.5m - 5.5m / 300 - 400 Kg
Main food: Fish
Discover time: unknown
Discovery area: Wrecked ship / Starlightcoral reef
Element type: water, dark


"This egg has a tail sticking out"

Laid on floating seaweed in the ocean, the egg waits for freezing water to roll itself into so it can hatch.



"This dragon is very sleepy"

After hatching, the dragon sinks to the bottom of the ocean where for the first few weeks it sleeps to gain energy then, eats glowing algae as a food source. Then learns to control its tail to push it in the water.



"This dragon is learning to control water"

When it learns how to swim and eat properly, it goes to the surface of the ocean so it can practice its water abilities. Groups of 10 - 20 hatchlings can be seen near many beaches and shores around the world.



"This dragon can make rings of water to protect itself"

This dragon uses its whip like tail to catch fish. It creates groups with other aquatic creatures so it can help protect any floating eggs it comes across. Its mastery of water allows it to reach speeds faster then any other creature.



I would prefer to keep the existing color pallet with the greens, blues and purples but it could be changed.


This dragon awakes in the darkness of the murky, salty, never ending sea.
"What is that"
were the first words it spoke. Glowing shapes were floating towards it with a menacing red glow.
The dragon tries to swim away but it doesn't know how,
*Am I going to die here? now?*It thought.
By a thread it manages to escape by crawling out of the danger and into the crack in a rock.

After what seemed like years, The young dragon swims to the surface of the water. the only home its ever known. In hopes of learning hot to use its abilities like the other creatures of the deep.  

Along its journey, it masters its skills and makes some unique friends along the way. 
"Let's go!"  
The Natura said, devoting itself to protecting any eggs or young ones it finds along the way.

Notes:  Males have bigger fins then females 
              Females have purple floating dots

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