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This personality update is not necessary

The new personality update takes the fun away from collecting personalities. I am so tired of updates like these. I do not mind small adjustments to make personalities easier, but a total overhaul is not what we need.


You know what you can do to make personalities better? Lower frail growth time, lower training amounts, change care #s or training #s instead. Don't let Lunera roll the same personality twice. Minor adjustments would fix so much.


Nobody wants this. I like working towards personalities, but what is the point of collecting if they are just given to you? It is not satisfying or worthwhile. Dragon drinks already had this problem.


Besides, if it only takes 3 trainings to get the personality you want, what are you supposed to do the rest of the time the dragon grows? If this fix is because the game is boring, this will just make it more boring.


DVC will not listen to their users anyways.

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