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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


Dec. 6th Server Patch Notice


Hello, Anglers!


Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


A server patch is scheduled for Dec. 6th 8pm PST.


Make sure to grab the pre-patch data before Dec. 6th 8pm PST to avoid any unexpected game closures.


[1] Defeat Frigate Boss Event

- [Defeat Frigate] event boss mode will go live.

- Event Schedule: Dec. 6th 8pm - Dec. 20th 6:59am PST

- Event Shop is open until Dec. 27th 6:59am PST.

- Challenge to defeat Frigate and earn Frigate Coins. The coins can be used at the exchange shop, and you can earn ranking rewards based on the stage clear score.

- You get 3 storm event challenge tickets a day, and you can challenge up to 10 times a day.

- Additional storm event challenge tickets can be obtained from local fishing, and you can earn up to 7 more tickets a day according to the fishing count.

- No tickets will be deducted for failed attempts. Points will not be tallied and coins will not be given.

- The boss event will be available immediately after clearing the tutorial.


[Event Boss Details]


[Battle Power by Difficulty]


[Rank Score]

- You must exceed the standard score for each rank in order to count as that rank.


[Frigate Sweep]

- You can use the Sweep function when you clear each stage (once a day).

- The Sweep score does not reflect the ranking. Coin rewards are given based on the highest rank score obtained after manually clearing the stage that day.


[How to Acquire Storm Event Challenge Tickets]

- You can get up to 7 Storm Event Challenge Tickets a day, which were previously dropped with a fixed chance based on how many times you fished in local fishing.


[Ranking reward]

- The Frigate defeat ranking is determined by the accumulation of the highest rank score.


[Event shop]

- Use Frigate Coins to purchase items at the event shop.


* The event currency will be deleted after the event ends.


[2] Rate Up Draw Event

- A new supporter [Alexa], who is a leader of Breakers Guild, has joined and can be acquired through the Rate Up Draw.

[Alexa] does not appear from the Crew Member Acquisition Tickets you used in the Inventory and daily crew draw. She will only appear from rate up draw or normal crew member draw.

- Rate Up Draw Period: Dec. 6th 8pm - Dec. 20th 8pm PST





[Crew Benefit]

- Participation in content with [Alexa] during the period of Rate Up will grant you benefits.

- Event Boss Mode [Defeat Frigate]: Selected as Event Crew Member, granting 30% bonus event coins when participating in the event boss mode.

- Expedition: Selected as Crew Member of the Month, applying 8% bonus Crew Member of the Month battle power when playing Expedition.


[3] Products


[New Products]

- New products are available at the shop.




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