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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


v1.7.0 Update Notice


Hello, Anglers!


Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


We would like to inform you about the v1.7.0 update.

Please find below for more details.


■ Schedule

※ The update will be conducted without maintenance, and we will provide a separate notice after completion.

※ After the update, [v1.7.0] and earlier versions will be inaccessible,

so please update to the latest version from the market.


■ Details

[1] Black Friday Special Event


[Power-up 10% Discount Event]

- A Power-up 10% Discount event will be held to support your growth.

- During the event period, the quantities of Shards and Power-up Stones required for equipment/accessory power-ups will be discounted by 10%.

- Event Period: Nov. 22nd 8pm - Nov. 30th 6:59am PST


[Black Friday Special Shop]

- A special shop featuring 12 items necessary for advanced growth, including Boat Renovation Tickets, Premium Power-up Components, and Heroic Awakening Stones, will be available.

- Purchase various items using Coral Points, Pamos Points, and Diamonds!

- Event Period: Nov. 22nd 8pm - Dec. 7th 6:59am PST


[2] Pamos Wheel Event

- Pamos Wheel event will be held! Get 1,000 Pamos Points every day!

- Participate in the event every day and purchase items from the Black Friday Special Shop with the Pamos Points you earned!

- Event Period: Nov. 22nd 8pm - Dec. 7th 6:59am PST


[ How to Participate ]

- You can participate in the Pamos Wheel event up to 6 times daily.

- 1 Pamos Wheel Ticket is given for free daily, and you can use the wheel for free once by watching an advertisement.

- You can spin the wheel additionally by acquiring more Pamos Wheel Tickets from Local Fishing.

- Pamos Wheel Tickets can only be acquired in Local Fishing.

- For each fish caught, you'll accumulate 1pts, which you can collect to meet the required points for each spin.

- Unused Pamos Wheel Tickets will be reset at 8am PDT/ 7am PST daily.


[ How to Earn Pamos Wheel Ticket ]

[ Wheel Spin Rewards ]

※ You can get Gold, Shards, Level-up Points, STR/AGI/Life Coins from Pamos Wheel Boxes.

※ Pamos Points are sent to your Inbox, while Pamos Wheel Boxes are sent to My Tackle.


[ Accumulated Wheel Spin Rewards ]

- You can get accumulated rewards depending on the number of times you spin the Pamos Wheel during the event.


[3] Ad Rewards Added

- Each time you watch an ad, you can use 2x Speed Investigation or Rate Up Draw once for free.

- 2x Speed Investigation: 4 times in total / Rate Up Draw: 1 time in total


[4] Rate Up Draw Event

- A rate up draw for [Nyx], President of a Wine Company, will be available.

- Period: Nov. 22nd 8pm - Dec. 6th 8pm PST

[ Crew Story ] 

Growing up in a rural vineyard, she quickly established a wine-specialized company with her remarkable ability to distinguish wine.


Prioritizing the expansion and growth of her business over family, she dedicated her life to her work. However, after experiencing the tragic loss of her child, she now roams the world.


[ Crew Member Benefit ]

- Playing Expedition with the supporter [Nyx] during the Rate Up period will grant benefits.

- Expedition: Nyx will be chosen as the crew member of the month, and when participating in an Expedition with her, a bonus battle power of 8% is applied.


[5] Product Information


[ New Products ] 

- New products will be added to the Shop.


[6] Other Improvements

- Text/Icon displays have been added to the in-game UI for checking currently ongoing events such as hot time event and Power-up discount event.

- A menu button for upcoming guild content updates has been added.

- Look forward to exciting guild content updates to be introduced soon!


- Tooltips have been added to the item images in the Combination system guide popup, allowing players to view information about the selected item.


- The visual effects during the Quick Upgrade of accessories have been improved.

- The conditions for fish damage have been eased to minimize the experience of damaging fish.
- The maximum stage for each area in the Investigation content has been expanded from 50 to 60.

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