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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


New Events & Products Notice (Mar. 13th)


Hello, Anglers!


Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!

Here's the information regarding the new events and products added on Mar. 13th PDT.


Please refer to the details below for more information.


[1] Pamos Wheel Event

- Pamos Wheel event, where you can get a chance to earn 1,000 Pamos Points every day, will be held.

- Event Period: Mar. 13th 9pm - Mar. 27th 7:59am PDT 

[ How to Participate ]

- You can participate in the Pamos Wheel event up to 6 times daily.

- 1 Pamos Wheel Ticket is given for free daily, and you can use the wheel for free once by watching an advertisement.

- You can spin the wheel additionally by acquiring more Pamos Wheel Tickets from Local Fishing.

- Pamos Wheel Tickets can only be acquired in Local Fishing.

- For each fish caught, you'll accumulate 1pts, which you can collect to meet the required points for each spin.

- Unused Pamos Wheel Tickets will be reset at 8am PDT daily.


[ How to Obtain Pamos Wheel Tickets ]


[ Wheel Spin Rewards ]

※ You can get Gold, Shards, Level-up Points, STR/AGI/Life Coins from Pamos Wheel Boxes.
※ Pamos Points are sent to your Inbox, while Pamos Wheel Boxes are sent to "My Tackle."

[ Accumulated Wheel Spin Rewards ]

- You can get accumulated rewards depending on the number of times you spin the Pamos Wheel during the event.

[2] Rate UP Draw Event


- Rate UP Draw for Storm Fish Hunter, fisher [Liam], will be available.

- Rate UP Draw Period: Mar. 13th 9pm - Mar. 27th 9pm PDT


[ Crew Member Benefit ]

- Playing Expedition with the fisher [Liam] during the Rate Up period will grant benefits.

- Expedition: Liam will be chosen as the crew member of the month, and when participating in an Expedition with him, a bonus battle power of 8% is applied.


[3] New Products

- New products will be added to the Shop.

- Sales Period: Mar. 13th 9pm - Mar. 27th 9pm PDT



Thank you.

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