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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


Pamos Match Revamp Pre-Notice


Hello, Anglers!


We're excited to bring you the first developer note of 2024.

We want to express our sincere appreciation for your ongoing love and support for Ace Fishing: Crew.


In this developer note, we'd like to inform you about the upcoming revamp of Pamos Match scheduled for Feb.14th PST.


We've noticed a concerning trend of repetitive fishing strategies in Pamos Match, with fish rarely using their skills during battles.


Our development team will revamp Pamos Match on Feb. 14th PST to tackle this issue. Our goal is to ensure that players experience strategic excitement and diverse battles. We'll introduce skills to the fish featured in Pamos Match and ensure that fish are matched based on their battle power levels, providing a more varied and engaging gameplay experience for all.


- Fish Characteristics



Strength-type fish can enhance their stats as fishing time increases. 

It's advantageous to build an aggressive deck setup to deal significant damage before the fish becomes stronger.


Agility-type fish see their stats decrease as their movement speed slows down.

It's advantageous to create a deck with crew members capable of reducing the fish's speed.


Life-type fish possess a skill called Sturm und Drang, which deals significant damage. 

You'll need a fisher equipped with a shield-generating skill to counteract this skill.



- Recommended Crew Members





 Nancy and Nelly are excellent crew members for exerting strength early in fishing. They can quickly overpower Strength-type fish that become stronger over time.





Minmay, Ariel, and Stella all possess skills that slow down fish movement. By weakening Agility-type fish, they can gain an advantage in battle.





Isabella and Liam have shield-generating skills, while Alexa synergizes well with crew members equipped with shield-generating skills. They can effectively block the damage from the powerful Sturm und Dran skill of Life- type fish and counterattack using shields.



Additionally, we observed that players opting for offensive setups in Pamos Match have gained a notable advantage, making certain crew members disproportionately favored.

We intend to incorporate boss skills from previous Boss Rush Events into the fish in Pamos Match to address this imbalance. This change will elevate the strategic depth of gameplay.


Moreover, we'll introduce a Fish Report feature, allowing players to access information about target fish characteristics and recommended crew members for Pamos Match every week.



Fish Report

Fish Report Screen



With these enhancements, we anticipate a more equitable and diverse fishing experience, emphasizing strategy and teamwork.

We'll diligently monitor and assess these improvements to ensure the continual advancement of the game.


Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive for continuous improvement in Ace Fishing: Crew.


As a token of our appreciation for reading the first developer note of 2024,

we've prepared a special gift for you.


■ Thank You Gift

- Reward: Crew Member Draw Ticket x10

- Distribution Period: Feb. 8th 12am - Feb. 14th 6:59am PST


※ Please check your Inbox for the gift.


We'll do our best to provide you with a better gaming experience.


Thank you.

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