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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


Jan. 3rd Server Patch Notice


Hello, Anglers!

Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


A server patch is scheduled for Jan. 3rd 8pm PST.


Some content may require reaccess when entering after applying the server patch.

To ensure a smooth download of the patch data, please restart the game on Jan. 3rd at 8 pm PST.


[1] New Year's Coin Box Drop Event


Coin Box Drop Event will be held to celebrate the arrival of 2024!

As you fish in various locations, collect coin boxes dropped randomly and exchange them for a variety of rewards at the Solar Shop!



- Event Period: Jan. 3rd 8pm - Jan. 18th 6:59am PST

- Solar Shop: Jan. 3rd 8pm - Jan. 25th 6:59am PST



- Tap on the "Coin Box" that appears during local fishing! (In auto-reel control mode, coin boxes will be acquired automatically.)

- Exchange Fish Coins from the coin boxes for various items at the Solar Shop.

- Acquired coin boxes will be sent to "My Tackle."

- Item exchanges are only available during the event, and any unused coin boxes will disappear.


[ Coin Box ] 

* Normal Coin Box: Drops 1-5 Fish Coin(s)

* Premium Coin Box: Drops 6-10 Fish Coins


[ Solar Shop ]


[2] Rate Up Draw Event


- A Rate Up Draw for Fisher [Raoul], the Main Fishing Player of Pacific Giants, will be held.

- Rate Up Draw Period: Jan. 3rd 8pm - Jan. 17th 8pm PST


[ Crew Member Benefit ]

- Playing Expedition with the fisher [Raoul] during the Rate Up period will grant benefits.

[Raoul] has been chosen as the crew member of the month, and when participating in an Expedition with him, a bonus battle power of 8% is applied.


[3] January Consecutive Attendance Event


- A consecutive attendance event will be held after the server patch. Don't forget to log in for daily rewards during the period.


- Event Period: Jan. 3rd 8pm - Jan. 31st 6:59am PST

- Consecutive attendance rewards can be obtained only once per account.


[4] New Product


[ New Products ] 


[Reset of Previous Package Purchase History]

- Purchase history for Special Crew Packs I, II, III, and Special Equipment Packs I, II, III will be reset, allowing repurchase starting from Jan. 3rd 8pm PST.


Thank you.


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