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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


[Event] Supporter [Clare] Rate Up Draw Event & New Product Notice



- Rate Up Draw for Clare, the First Daughter of a Prestigious Family, will be available.

- Period: Oct. 4th 6pm - Oct. 18th 6pm PDT

[ Crew Story ]
A daughter of a prestigious family with a mother from a noble lineage.
After her mother's remarriage, she becomes stepsister of Evelyn through their new father.​

[Crew Member Benefit]
Playing Expedition with the supporter [Clare] during the Rate Up period will grant a 'Crew Member of the Month' bonus battle power of 8%.


[New Products]
- Clare Rate Up Special Pack (2 types), Clare Growth Pack
- Sale Period: Oct. 4th 6pm - Oct. 18th 6pm PDT


Thank you.

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