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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


[Event] Rate-up Crew Member Added(Ryn)


- The Rate Up Draw for [Ryn], the President of a Fishing Club in a Private High School, will be available.

- Period: After Sep. 20th update until Oct. 4th 6pm PDT.


Crew Member Info (Max Level)





I Am the President

Deals DMG by 1,277.30% of a character's ATK and the supporters' ATK increases by 3,000 for 3 sec. (Cooldown: 7 sec)


President's Speech

Reduces supporters' skill cooldown by 7.90% with a 50% chance when releasing the reel button on the blue zone. Stacks up to 3 times.

President's Passionate Speech

Increases DMG by 44.50% when releasing the reel button to wind the line.

President's Initiative

Increases pull gauge SPD by 10%.


[ Crew Story ]

The head of the fishing club at a prestigious private high school. She encounters a bizarre species of fish called the "Storm Fish" during a storm on a social fishing trip with the club. Intrigued by its existence, she follows its trail and arrives at Pamos Island.


[ Crew Benefit ]

- When participating in Expedition with fisher [Ryn], a "Crew member of the Month" bonus battle power of 8% will be applied during the rate-up period.


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