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Ace Fishing: Crew

Ace Fishing: Crew


Pamos Point Distribution Increase Event Notice

Hello, Anglers!


Dive into a new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude

for your support during the Pamos Point Distribution Increase event.


We're happy to announce that the amount of Pamos Point obtained from Investigation content will continue to be

the same as the amount during the event period (up to 20 times compared to the amount before the event) even after the event ends.


We hope you continue enjoying the new fishing world with Ace Fishing: Crew!


Please find the details below.



1. Details

- The total amount of Pamos Points given daily will increase up to 20 times compared to the amount before the event.

- The amount of daily Rank Bonus (Pamos Points) calculated based on Investigation rank will increase.

- The amount of Pamos Points required to convert into AFC will be changed from 1,000 to 500.

2. Note

- After the event ends on Sep. 14th 7:59am PDT, the increased amount will continue to be provided without any additional maintenance.


Thank you.​

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