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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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Discord Crossword Puzzle 2 Event


Greetings Captain!


We prepared the second Crossword Puzzle to see how much you know about Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice!


Check the hints and try to answer the words that are involved with the game.

Captains that get all the answers correctly will receive bonus rewards!


Please check the details of Crossword Puzzle 2 below for further details.


◈ Crossword Puzzle 2 Event Notice


■ Event Schedule

- May 28th ~ June 10th 23:59 (PDT)


■ Rewards

- Participation Rewards: EXP 5, Shilling x300, Construction - 5 min x10

- Bonus Reward for users that get all of the answers correctly: Selective Building Material Treasure Chest x10


■ How to Participate

1. Join <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> Official Discord Channel.

2. Check out the Crossword Puzzle in the 'Crossword Puzzle Thread 2' in "-event-notice".

3. Submit the answer and PID in the given thread.


■ Notes

- After the event has ended, the rewards will be given out in order.

- Please note that if you do not provide your PID accurately, you may not be able to receive the rewards.

- Please note that the reward XP is Discord XP, not in-game EXP.

- Regarding bonus rewards, there will be an additional notice after the end of the event.



We look forward to our fellow Captains' participation for the event.


Thank you!

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