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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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Service Satisfaction Survey Event Winner Announcement


Greetings Captains!


We would like to announce the winners of the "Service Satisfaction Survey Event"

held from Feb. 14th to Mar. 14th.


Please refer to the details below.


◈ Service Satisfaction Survey Event Winner Announcement


▶ Event Reward


Number of winners


Survey participation

All participants

Production Speed Up x10,

Selective Daily Necessities Supply x10,

Selective Craftwork Supply x10

Sincerest feedback

5 winners through a draw

Brass x500

Random draw winners among participants

10 winners through a draw

Shilling x700


▶ Event Winners



Number of winners

Event Winners

(Nickname / PlayerID)

Sincerest Feedback

Brass x500

5 winners through a draw

NightMare / 1011037****

Onslaught693 / 1010993****

Smiles / 1011166****

Gravitate / 1010993****

FrostValley / 1011253****

Random Draw Winners Among Participants

Shilling x700

10 winners through a draw

Topboxx / 1010998****

Antonia / 1011009****

#1432620 / 1011200****

#1847520 / 1011369****

Senka / 1011301****

#1715720 / 1011309****

#1576110 / 1011249****

TheKrizi / 1011216****

landver / 1010992****

#1355380 / 1011171****


▶ Event Reward Distribution Schedule




Mar. 22nd 00:00 PDT (UTC-7)

Mar. 22nd 03:00 EDT (UTC-4)


Mar. 22nd 07:00 GMT (UTC+0)


Mar. 22nd 15:00 PHST (UTC+8) 

* Event rewards will be distributed in the order of the schedule mentioned above.


※ Please Read

* This event is only available for participants aged 16 and above.

   · Personal information will be destroyed immediately if it pertains to a minor who is below 16 years of age.

* Participation rewards will not be provided if you do not consent to the collection and use of personal information.

* If you wish to revoke your consent for the agreed-upon personal information, you may request an inspection, correction, or deletion through the Personal Information Protection Department. However, in such cases, the reward may be forfeited.

* For free requests for personal information inspection/correction/deletion, please contact the Com2uS Com2uS Customer Support 1:1 inquiry for withdrawal.

* Com2uS discloses details regarding the protection of user's personal information through the [Privacy Policy].

   · For users residing in the United States/The Philippines/other countries: [Link]

   · For users residing in Europe: [Link]

* Please enter your PlayerID in the survey correctly. Rewards may not be sent if the provided info is incorrect.

* The survey participation reward will be sent to your Inbox in the game. (1 per account)

   · The reward will disappear if you don't claim it by its expiry date.

* Please note that the event period and other aspects are subject to change. Any changes will be notified.

* Event-related inquiries: Com2uS Customer Support 1:1 inquiry



We extend our gratitude to those who participated in the survey.

We will do our best to improve <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> with your valuable feedback.


Thank you.

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