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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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Discord Founder Event Notice

Greetings, Captains!


Thank you to everyone for your interest in Frostpunk : Beyond the Ice! 

To show our gratitude to our captains, we planned an event called “Discord Founder Event”! 


Accomplish certain requirements during the event to achieve the "Founder" role. 

The event will be a first come, first served based event for the first 200 Captains 

who achieve the requirements.


Please see below for more details on the event.


◈ Discord Founder Event


▶ Event Period

- Until there are 200 Founders


▶ Requirements

- Join <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> Official Discord Channel.

- Achieve Level 7 on Discord. (Can be checked via “rank-check” channel)

- Add “FPBI” at the end of your server profile for Discord.

- A screenshot of the subscription of your E-mail address to the official Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice website

- Creating an account for Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice.


▶ How to Participate

① Achieve all requirements above.

② Read the notice regarding how to submit the Ticket for Founder Event.

③ Complete the ticket submission by uploading screenshots of subscribing to the official website 

and your PID, and also writing the message "participating in the Founder Role event."


▶ Event Reward



To the first 200 players that achieve “Founder”

Brass x300

Steam Core x1

Production Speed Up Ticket x20

Construction Speed Up Ticket x20

Small Wooden Box x5

Screw x5

*A special role "Founder" will be given to the first 200 players in Discord


▶ Notice

① There will be an additional notice regarding submitting the Ticket for "Founders Event" in the 

Discord Channel

② How to find your Player ID: City Details -> Settings -> Player ID

③ Official Website Subscription Link

④ Please refer to the given image regarding subscribing to the official website with your E-mail.



We will be looking forward to your participation!


Thank you.

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