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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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Brass Balance Adjustment Pre-notice


Greetings, Captains.


We thank all Captains who support <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice>, and would like to inform you of a balance adjustment ahead of the President Season beta update prepared for the new server.


There will be an overall balancing of currencies and content in the coming updates.


In particular, the existing "Brass" item will be changed to "Gold."

Also, the price of all items and the quantity of items available from paid purchases and gameplay will be changed.


This update intends to only change the available quantity and the used quantity without changing the value of the currencies.

To avoid issues due to the change, Gold proportionate to the amount of Brass in possession will be sent to the Inbox after the update.


[Please Read]

* Compensations including the extra Gold will be sent after the update. They will be stored in the Inbox for 14 days and be received automatically beyond that.

* Compensations will be sent to accounts that have account information in the current server before the update maintenance.

* Details on the update schedule will be notified as soon as they are confirmed.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the changes with the update.


Thank you.

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