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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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Partner Creator Recruitment Notice

Greetings, Captains.


Become a partner creator of <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice>!

We welcome any creators who wish to grow with us.


We are looking for creators who will share useful content for <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> Captains.


Please read below for more details.



◈ Partner Creator Recruitment

▶ Schedule




Apr. 2nd 00:00 - Jun. 30th 00:00 PDT (UTC-7)

Apr. 2nd 03:00 - Jun. 30th 03:00 EDT (UTC-4)


Apr. 2nd 08:00  - Jun. 30th 07:00 GMT (UTC+0)


Apr. 2nd 16:00  - Jun. 30th 15:00 PHST (UTC+8) 

- Recruitment Period: Regularly recruited between Apr. 2nd 12am - Jun. 30th 11:59pm PDT

- Partnership Period: From the date of appointment until the event deadline on Jun. 30th

* The partnership period can be adjusted according to the event status.


▶ Partner Creator Requirements

- Creators who have their own live-streaming channel or YouTube channel

- Creators who are 16 years old or above

- Creators who are able to comply with items under [Partner Creator Activity] and Please Read.


▶ Partner Creator Activity

- Upload or live-stream content related to <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> once a month

* Partner creator activity must be carried out consistently. 

Creator partnerships may be terminated for creators who fail to do so.


▶ Partner Creator Benefits

- Content production support

- <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> information and resources for content production

- Creator's channel and video coverage in official forums and social media of <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice>

- <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> currencies such as Brass or Shillings provided monthly


▶ How to Apply

- Fill out and submit [<Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> Creator Application]

* All applicants will be contacted individually after an internal review.

* Applications submitted after the recruitment period will not be accepted. Please double-check the schedule.


※ Please Read

- Creator partnership may be terminated for creators who fail to comply with the below items. 

① Partner Creators must serve as good models for other users during gameplay and broadcast.

② Partner Creators must not create content that contains profanity against <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> or 

other ill-mannered practices.

③ Partner Creators must not act in a way that negatively impacts the community or act in violation of related 

laws, terms of service, and operation policy. (Read [Terms of Service and Operation Policy])

- Creators who meet Partner Creator Requirements may not be appointed as partner creators following a 

comprehensive internal review of their content and application.

- Creators who do not upload content during their Partnership Period are not subject to any game-related 

penalty but may be unable to receive Partner Creator Benefits.

- For questions regarding <Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice> Partner Creator Recruitment, please contact our

[Customer Support].



Thank you.

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