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Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

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02/20 Temporary Maintenance Notice(Completed)

Greetings Captains!


A temporary maintenance is scheduled from 02/20 23:00 PST to address ongoing issues in the game.

Please note that game access will be temporarily unavailable during this period.


This maintenance will prioritize the correction of critical issues that are currently occurring in the game.

We will continue to work hard to resolve any remaining issues as soon as possible to provide you 

with a more stable gameplay environment.


■ Temporary Maintenance Schedule




02/20 23:00 - 02/21 01:00 PST (UTC-8)

02/21 02:00 - 02/21 04:00 EST (UTC-5)


02/21 07:00 - 02/21 09:00 GMT (UTC+0)


02/21 15:00 - 02/21 17:00 PHST (UTC+8)


■ Maintenance Details

1) Improvements

 - Adjusted the purchase count limit of certain products in the Shop

 - Adjusted the additional check-in cost of the 30-Day Login from 3 Brasses to 1 Brass

2) Issue Fixes

 - Modified certain words and dialogues

 - Fixed an issue of animals in the Animal Shelter starving to death occasionally even when they have 

been fed

 - Fixed an issue of the inconsistent border color of certain items displayed when upgrading resource 

gathering in Production Management

 - Fixed an issue of the building name not showing on the right when moving the category after 

tapping Collect All in Edit City

 - Fixed an issue of a pop-up appearing when tapping the top area of the Expedition interface

 - Fixed an issue of certain values appearing as decreasing when upgrading the Tool Level to 14 in 

Resource Collecting

 - Fixed an issue of the level 3 mission of Weather Station not being cleared even when the 

requirements have been met

 - Fixed an issue of the quantity of HEAT Credentials not being displayed properly in Warehouse

 - Fixed an issue of being unable to acquire Light items from Selective Craftwork Supply

 - Fixed an issue of animals dying too fast if animals have been brought to the Animal Shelter 

when there is no food. 


▶ Maintenance Compensation
- Compensation: Wood x200, Bed Frame x1

- Claim Period: After Maintenance - 02/22 01:00 PST


■ Note

- Game access will be unavailable during maintenance, and any schedule adjustments will be 

communicated through this notice.

- After the maintenance, additional data download may be required, so we recommend conducting 

it in a Wi-Fi environment.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused in resolving the issues

and assure you that we are doing our best to provide a seamless gaming experience.


Thank you.

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